April 21, 2010

Ok guys, after a long break, Dirty Harry back on-line to give you some news about us and about our work during these years.
Let's start from the beginning.

After more than 10 years of honorable career playing bass guitar with the Dirties, Fabrizio leaves the band to start a new amazing project with these crazy guys known as The Monolithics,
a superb Garage-Punk Band that'll surely shake your ass soon in your town. So as you clearly understand we neeeed a new bad ass bass player! But, before his departure we recorded 16 brand new tracks that we'll put on-line soon!Stay tuned for further news...

The next one is a fuckin'good news: Arianna, our killer guitar player is pregnant, now at the fifth month, her belly won't stop to grow
so we're waiting for another Dirty Baby!!! This means that the band activities will have another break so don't ask us to play gigs until late 2010!!!

And now some stuff for you!
Down here you'll find some links to our previous recordings.
You can download it for free. Enjoy!!

A world full of stupid bastards - Complete - 2005 - Mp3

Private Inferno - Complete - 2002 - Mp3

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